Inside My Shoes

Inside Llewyn Davis is my favorite Coen Brothers movie about folk music. I like O Brother, Where Art Thou?, but it’s altogether a different beast. Inside Llewyn Davis still has enough ridiculous dialogue and John Goodman cameos to keep any longtime Coen fan entertained, but it’s just a little bit more subtle than I expected. It’s serious and real—a perfect slice of life story—with just a touch of dry, grown-up humor. Read more

A Drug That’ll Do for the Healin’

I believe that Bob Dylan’s lyrics are poetry, plain and simple. He strings words together in an incredibly dense, evocative way. Putting them to music doesn’t overshadow the power of the words, either. It simply lends subtle, understated support to the effect they produce. Good folk music has that incredible ability to convey feeling without manipulating the listener’s emotions. It doesn’t tell you how to feel. It puts you in touch with what’s already in your soul, because it appeals to the things that we all have in common. Read more

The Coffee Shop Atmosphere I Dig


I want to send a well-deserved shoutout to Joe’s Coffee in University City. I’m sitting here between classes, as I often am when I want a good cuppa tea and don’t have the time to run back to my apartment. I sat down to work on a post, and started listening to Bob Dylan. That’s also a frequent occurrence. Some album in his catalog is always the perfect accompaniment to my mood and task.

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