A Spring Day So Perfect

Spring Face

Some spring days do make me want to throw open all the windows. I want to bask in the sunshine, and I want to internalize that light so I can radiate it from every inch of my being. But, I don’t always have the energy to radiate pure sunlight from my soul. That’s when I get creative. If I need a little help from Estée Lauder to make it happen, so be it. Sometimes a swipe of lipstick makes it easier to get through the day.

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Surreal Inspiration

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I visited a beautiful photo exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art a few weekends ago. You can read about it here, if you’re interested. While I was wandering, I decided to pop into the gift shop. With a 20% off coupon in a museum gift shop, magical things can happen. And they did!

I have (what others might describe as) a problem with silk scarves. I collect them like they’re going out of style. In reality, it seems less like they’re going out of style, and more like they haven’t been in style for decades. I’m inclined to think this because they fill the thrift stores I frequent in my hometown, along with racks full of ugly Christmas sweaters. But can something that remains a permanent feature of the Hermès line, not to mention an item that was frequently and fabulously worn by Grace Kelly, ever really be out of style? Maybe silk scarves aren’t popular, but they’ll always be classically stylish in my book. Read more

The Perfect Face

Pretty for daytime.

I love the kind of artfully undone, versatile makeup that can see me through any occasion in style, and can actually be applied without a thousand different tools and products, all in a reasonable amount of time. This kind of look also means I can get ready for the day, and then adapt what I’m wearing as the occasion requires. There’s no daytime occasion that isn’t perfect for neutral brown eyeshadow and a ladylike shade of pink lipstick. And there’s no nighttime occasion that isn’t perfect for slicking on red lipstick to transform that very same daytime look into something a little more special.

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