The past few weeks have been unimaginably hectic! I’m used to functioning at full throttle, but not like this. I finished up my own classwork earlier in the month, and wrapped up my work for the class I was teaching around the same time. Then came a week of graduation ceremonies and all of the school and family celebrations that accompanied them. I spent the following week moving out of my apartment, and cursing myself for accumulating such an ungodly quantity of stuff in a third floor walk-up. Finally, I brought the month to a close by performing bridesmaid duties for my friend Ellen at Pretty Neutral. All the while, I’ve been keeping up with the endless administrative requirements for my upcoming first year in veterinary school. Read more

Simple Summer Pleasures

Simple Summer Pleasures

I am not a summer kind of person. I prefer the transitional seasons: the subtle liveliness that creeps into spring, or autumn’s graceful slip toward stark, cold darkness. That being said, I appreciate the simple purity that inhabits summer alone. At the height of the season—when the days are long, the sunshine is constant, and the air is always warm—time seems to stand still. This lends a particularly uncomplicated feel to the simple pleasures that filled my childhood summers. Read more

A Foray Into Team Sports

Team Spirit

In 2007, I was a freshman in high school. Like every other awkward teenager, I was struggling to figure out all of the trivial aspects of life. I ran track and cross country throughout middle school, but, at this critical point in my adolescence, I decided I wanted more. It was time to reinvent myself. Time to try a completely new experience by becoming part of a(n athletic) team. Somehow, being a member of the Science Olympiad team wasn’t enough, even though my partner and I were the third best middle school food chemists in Pennsylvania. So, I joined the volleyball team.

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Grungy Cool

Grungy Cool Eye Makeup

Some days, I reject my usual defined makeup for something more aggressive and slap-dash. These are the days when I reach for the rich browns or deep blacks that hide in the corners of my favorite palettes. On powdered lids or a base of nude shadow, I pack a dark color at the outer lashline, blending outwards and upwards toward my crease. After most of the color on my brush has been deposited, I soften the outer edges of my half circle, and softly draw color inwards, toward the center of my lashline. This creates a wedge of intense color at the outer corner that fades at the edges. After an initial pass, I go back in for another round, intensifying the deepest parts of the shadow, and further softening the faded edges. By this point, the color has crept upward and outward, nearing the tail of my brows, and that’s just how I like it. I take a big fluffy brush and blend the edges again, using a little more nude shadow if I need to soften any harsh lines. Because, you know, I have to wear this makeup for the rest of the day, and I’m expected to look (mostly) sane while I’m teaching a dissection lab.

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Actually Good Turkey Burgers

Turkey Burger

Most people seem to approach turkey burgers because they think they’re a “healthy alternative” to traditional beef burgers. In reality, there’s no way ground turkey can be substituted as-is for ground beef. They’re completely different beasts, and ground turkey should only be served in the same final form as ground beef when prepared using different methods.

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