There May Be No Answer

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For you will be invincible
          and vulnerable in the same breath
          which is the breath of your patients
For their breath is our breathing and our reason
For the patient will know the answer
          and you will ask him
          ask her
For the family may know the answer
For there may be no answer
-John Stone, “Gaudeamus Igitur: A Valediction”

I first learned to interact with poetry as a college freshman. Because I tested out of calculus, I was automatically signed up for a literature class focusing on medicine. I have always loved to read, but I was terrified of a 300-level English class. I had absolutely no useful academic background in the subject, but I did my best to keep calm. The course, along with subsequent courses in the medical humanities, turned out to be one of the highlights of my undergraduate career. With the help of engaging content and a dedicated professor, I learned to read, write and think. Most importantly, I learned that the act of seeking understanding is as important as acquiring definitive knowledge. Read more

Saying Thanks

In recent months, I’ve started to focus on being happy. After years of planning and working, I’ve secured a seat at my top choice of veterinary schools. I’m no longer chasing after something seemingly unattainable with every ounce of energy I can muster. I achieved the highest goal I set for myself, and now I’m free to devote more energy to the areas of personal development that I’ve neglected while making it happen. This is the focus that will bring me genuine happiness. Read more

The other day, I experienced something for the first time in my entire academic career. A professor, addressing all of the graduating seniors in my biology program, said that it’s important to “do what makes you happy” when pursuing a career. That’s something I’ve always kept in mind. It’s what my parents have been telling me since I decided I wanted to be a forensic scientist in elementary school. It’s what they continued to tell me when I moved on to dreams of becoming a veterinarian in middle school. I’ve always had strong feelings about what I wanted to do with my life, because I’m absolutely miserable if I’m not ultimately working toward something that I want. But, I know not every one of my classmates has had the same experience. Some graduating seniors still don’t know what they want to do in terms of a future career. Read more

Here I am

I am a biologist, a medical humanist, a lover of literature, and an aspiring veterinarian. Boom! If I had to make a 5 second commercial for myself, that would be it. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about myself lately, because I’ve just come to the end of the harrowing process that is applying to veterinary school. At least some of my hard work has paid off, because I was recently admitted to veterinary school. Read more