Misty Copeland

I’m writing this unscheduled post because I wanted to share a beautiful article from Harper’s Bazaar. I adore Degas, especially his ballerinas. Some of his depictions are so intimate and lively, while others are more somber and contemplative. And Misty Copeland captures all of those varied “slices of life” beautifully.

I never pass up an opportunity to hunt down Degas’s works when I’m in a new city, or to revisit them in my own city. The Philadelphia Museum of Art offers student memberships for $40, which means that I can admire his paintings and sculptures as often as I want for the yearly cost of a week’s groceries. And they’re only a 15 minute walk from my apartment. I count myself very lucky, indeed.

via Misty Copeland Channels Edgar Degas – Edgar Degas Exhibition.
photo also via the link above.

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