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I love my Blundstone 500’s. They’re the perfect footwear for life. Whatever I’m up to, they can handle it. Long walk? Throw on a pair of wool hiking socks, add some arch supports, and I’m good to go. Super comfy. Wet city streets? No problem. They’re darn near waterproof up to that elastic side panel. Traipsing through the countryside? Mud and the occasional manure pile? Done. They give me lots of traction, and they only look better when a little dirty and scuffed.

Travel? Perfect choice. They slip on and off quickly, so no problems when going through airport security. Or, you know, when I need to take my shoes off in the car, on a train or on a plane. Don’t judge people with tired, flat feet. I’ve even worn them while horseback riding. There are other boots better suited to the purpose, but when you want to travel light, it’s good to have a multi-purpose footwear choice. These—along with a pair of black ballet flats—were the only shoes I wore on a whirlwind tour of England, Germany and France. When I leave Philly to visit my parents for a weekend in more rural environs, I often take these.

Did I also mention that they look pretty good? My feet are a size 12. There’s no point in trying to make them look dainty. These boots don’t try to do that. But they are just about as streamlined as they can be, considering how practical they are. I tuck skinny pants into them. I wear wider pants over them. I wear them with casual skirts and dresses. I wear them year-round and in every kind of weather. They’re not high-fashion, by any means, but they get the job done in style. And who could ask for more than that?

The 500 series are the original design, but there are tons of variations on this style. Check out the Blundstone website to find stores and sites that stock Blundstones.

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