The Coffee Shop Atmosphere I Dig


I want to send a well-deserved shoutout to Joe’s Coffee in University City. I’m sitting here between classes, as I often am when I want a good cuppa tea and don’t have the time to run back to my apartment. I sat down to work on a post, and started listening to Bob Dylan. That’s also a frequent occurrence. Some album in his catalog is always the perfect accompaniment to my mood and task.

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Feeling Artsy

Rochester, New York, 1958
Rochester, New York, 1958

A few Saturdays ago, I wanted to get out of my apartment, and I also wanted a reason to make myself look presentable to the world. So, I got dolled-up in my best gallery-visiting attire, painted on my favorite red lipstick, and went to see an exhibit called Multitude, Solitude: The Photographs of Dave Heath at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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The Imbibing Habits of Phryne Fisher

Book Pile

Grab a drink. We’re about to get a little bit rambly. Might I suggest that you skip ahead, make a White Lady, and then relax while you (hopefully) enjoy this post?

It was only a matter of time until I could no longer resist writing a post on Phryne Fisher, lady detective, of the book and TV series. First among the many reasons that I love her is that charming, larger-than-life personality. Add a considerable dash of intelligence to the mix, and you’ve got a sort of James Bond meets Sherlock Holmes character. But you can’t forget that she’s a very feminine kind of feminist, a flapper through and through. Regardless of what is deemed acceptable for a lady in 1928, Phryne Fisher does whatever she damn well pleases. She has the skills of James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, but uses them in a way that only a clever woman could. All the while, she proves that women are valuable and capable because of what distinguishes them from men. Read more

Misty Copeland Channels Edgar Degas

Misty Copeland

I’m writing this unscheduled post because I wanted to share a beautiful article from Harper’s Bazaar. I adore Degas, especially his ballerinas. Some of his depictions are so intimate and lively, while others are more somber and contemplative. And Misty Copeland captures all of those varied “slices of life” beautifully. Read more

The Perfect Face

Pretty for daytime.

I love the kind of artfully undone, versatile makeup that can see me through any occasion in style, and can actually be applied without a thousand different tools and products, all in a reasonable amount of time. This kind of look also means I can get ready for the day, and then adapt what I’m wearing as the occasion requires. There’s no daytime occasion that isn’t perfect for neutral brown eyeshadow and a ladylike shade of pink lipstick. And there’s no nighttime occasion that isn’t perfect for slicking on red lipstick to transform that very same daytime look into something a little more special.

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