Jubilance isn’t something that I capture very often in my photographs. Usually, a moment overflowing with pure joy is so absorbing that I forget about everything else, including my camera. There was one week so full of exuberant celebration that some of that joy was bound to end up in a picture. After our high school graduation, two good friends and I spent a week at the beach. We went as far away from all of the senior week buffoonery as possible, because all we wanted was a quiet place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. We spent long days eating, reading, talking and laughing until it hurt. Now, five years later, we’re living and working in three different states. I don’t see these girls nearly as often as I’d like to, and I miss them every day. But, when we do get together, I’m taken right back to those carefree, happy days when our lives were simple and our friendships grew deep roots.

5 thoughts on “Jubilance

  1. Great shot and goes well with Jubilant. I think my daughter would agree with your thoughts, she graduated last year from high school (also a photo relating to that as my entry). Take care!


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