It doesn’t take a long-winded post to communicate the pleasure I find in simple things, so I’ll keep it short. Tea is amazing. It’s perfect for any mood, time of day or occasion. It’s somehow energizing and calming, all in one sip. And this is the routine I enjoy, when I have the time:

I like the flavor of tea brewed from loose leaf rather than a bag. If I’m not in a rush, I’ll brew Twining’s Earl Grey. Earl Grey is my favorite variety—just good black tea, and no-nonsense bergamot for a citrus twist—and the Twining’s version is perfectly good, easy to find, and reasonably priced. This awesome mug is from Anthropologie, and it’s perfect in every way. It’s huge and keeps drinks warm for a really long time. Best of all, it has small ridges around the inside that keep any stray tea leaves or coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup. This means you can drink every last drop without choking.

Tea Prep

I use this adorable teapot-shaped tea scoop that’s been on sale at Williams-Sonoma for almost a year, and this ingenious floating tea ball. On a side note, Williams-Sonoma has everything. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

Loose Leaf

The tea ball is huge, so the leaves have plenty of room to expand when brewing, which makes for a tastier, more full-flavored cup of tea. The mesh is open enough to allow water to flow in freely, but doesn’t allow too many small pieces of tea leaf to escape.

Tea Ball

Look at it float! I usually brew my tea with freshly boiled water for about 3 minutes for a cup that’s strong, but not bitter. When I’m done, the tea ball fits right back into its own base, which keeps hot tea from dripping all over everything.


I add a heaping spoonful of raw sugar, because I like the rich, caramel flavor it gives when compared with one-note white sugar. A decadent splash of heavy cream adds buttery flavor, which doesn’t sound appealing. But, I assure you, it is. Then, all that’s left is to grab a scone, and enjoy!

Cuppa and a Scone

In my mind, I’m always hoping to re-create the amazing cream tea that I enjoyed when I visited the Cotswolds with my mom a few years ago. It’s one of the most indulgent simple pleasures I’ve ever experienced.

Cream Tea

Come visit me again on Saturday for a chat about scones. I’ll share the world’s most perfect recipe. See you then!

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