Yorkshire Tea
Yorkshire Tea

I love carefully brewing a cup of tea from loose leaves. The ritual is as enjoyable as the final product. But, sometimes I want to just get on with it. Sometimes I crave a substantial cup of tea that will shock me into life, not something that’s better suited to moments when I need delicate coddling. Say hello to “humble” Yorkshire Tea. A flimsy box with a bold slash of red houses precisely-arranged bags that promise to produce “a proper brew.” And that’s exactly what you get. This isn’t a bougie, pretentious cuppa, despite its Royal Warrant. It tastes like tea leaves, and nothing else. Earthy notes emerge with increasing strength as it steeps, particularly if you persevere for the entire 4-5 minute recommended steeping time. The final cuppa is strengthening all by itself. When liberally sweetened, fortified with a hefty dash of cream, or aided by both additions, it’s almost as substantial as a small meal. Its boldness almost verges on impropriety. A firm lack of adornment makes it clear that this tea knows its identity, and celebrates it confidently.

4 thoughts on “An Improper Brew

  1. You certainly have a luscious way of describing the experience of this cup of tea. I came to really appreciate the finer elements of tea when I was living in Toronto. I had a dear friend who was a retired barrister… living alone… and I loved spending an evening with him listening to his stories… while we shared tea and digestives. Those were marvelous days.

    Thank you for your narrative. You have a powerful talent for self-expression.



    1. It’s definitely one you can reuse. At least that’s what others have told me. I go for this tea when I’m craving almost over-steeped bitterness, so I feel like I pretty much get the most out of every bag the first time. Thanks for stopping by!

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