Martini Fixin's

Spring is finally, truly here. At least I hope we’re done with this just kidding, it’s actually going to snow today nonsense. On these pleasant, sunny days, I’ve been craving fair weather cocktails. Move over whisky, it’s time for clear spirits and influences from the garden. Once the creative juices started flowing, a flood of cocktail possibilities stormed my brain. So, it only made sense to channel those ideas into a series of Spring cocktail posts. I hope you’ll join me on this boozy journey!

I started with a trusty bottle of Hendrick’s gin. My current bottle was a birthday gift to myself, and I’ve been savoring every drop. I also received an awesome bitters assortment from The Bitter Truth—as a legitimate birthday present—and the celery variety is a perfect addition to gin cocktails. Because Hendrick’s has so many interesting botanical elements, there are lots of ways to bring out its varied flavors. Citrus brings out zesty, sharp notes, a delicate touch of sweetness brings out floral notes, and celery bitters bring out dry, vegetal notes. But, it’s also great with very little adornment. The world is your oyster with a bottle of Hendrick’s and a little creativity. Having said that, I wanted to start with a simple cocktail.

When the evening finally arrives—or, you know, the early afternoon—sometimes I’m craving a stiff drink to help me unwind. After a busy day, especially if I’ve been cleaning or cooking up a storm, a martini really does the trick. Dry, frosty, and straight-up. No nonsense, but with a few dashes of celery bitters to keep things fresh. Let’s do this.

A Refreshing Spring MartiniMartini

2 oz Hendrick’s gin
1/2 oz Noilly Prat dry vermouth
2 dashes The Bitter Truth celery bitters

Shake ingredients over ice, and serve in a cocktail glass. Serve with a citrus twist. Or not, if you’d prefer to just get on with it.

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